Spoken Language Study

An exploration of the sophistication and richness of the way we modify and elaborate on standard English to enrich our interpersonal communication.

Spoken Language Transcript Practice

Today we explored live spoken conversation – and generating our own transcripts. Watch this short video excerpt (from the film “FIT”) and try to write your own transcript of the conversation.   SAMPLE TRANSCRIPT:

Course Outline

Choosing Say it Straight as your English programme for Level 2 means that, while you may not have achieved the best in Eng- lish over the years, you are ready to accept the challenge of the Level 2 programme and step up. This programme will explore way English can be used to empower and influence. You’re not here to study English for the sake of it, you’re acquiring a set of skills that you will immediately put to use in life. You will be asked to challenge yourself, take risks and show ambition.

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